for safety

As a technology company, we have a duty to stay one step ahead of all existing threats, no matter how they evolve. That's why we've been constantly innovating since day one, guaranteeing security solutions at the highest level, with cutting-edge, certified and patented technologies that give you unrivalled protection against intruders, radio jamming and fire. That's what makes us Europe's leading provider of professional security solutions.

Our brands

Our two brands, Diagral and Daitem, showcase our 100% French know-how to our professional and private customers. For over 45 years, they have always met the highest standards of quality, efficiency and durability. Here are the Atraltech brands.

Expert in safety and security solutions

Our Daitem security solutions, designed to be installed by professionals, guarantee state-of-the-art security for the most high-risk sites such as museums, castles, tertiary sites, industrial sites, farms or even villas, large flats and second homes.

Daitem offers the widest range of excellent solutions with the highest level of industry certification. Daitem products are completely independent of the electricity grid and the Internet, and have an exceptional lifespan. The result of unique technological know-how, Daitem products guarantee unrivalled resistance and provide security both inside and outside sites, while offering fully customisable solutions.

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1 million systems installed in Europe
45 years of Know-How
Certified reliability
The highest level of anti-jamming resistance
Security against cyber attacks
The most effective external deterrent
Unique patented radio technology
The only solution that is 100% independent of the electricity grid and the Internet
An independent network of over 200 security experts
Very long real radio range

DIY professional security

As the inventor of professional DIY wireless alarms, Diagral offers 100% French security systems for homes (primary and secondary, flats, isolated premises, garages, etc.), professional sites (shops, liberal establishments, restaurants, etc.) and mobile sites (boats, motor homes, etc.).

Professional security solutions offering a high level of resistance to burglary and meeting the most demanding standards. Diagral wireless security systems are completely independent of the electricity grid and the Internet, and are very easy to install. Connect your security with the e-ONE application to give you the freedom to control your security and be immediately alerted on your smartphone, wherever you are, with high protection technology.

All our security solutions are scalable and can be enhanced simply by adding individual products such as outdoor detectors to prevent break-ins and secure outdoor areas (terrace, shelter, roof, car park, etc.), view images of intruders directly on your smartphone with connected cameras, sound the alarm as soon as a fire breaks out with fire detectors, etc.

Find DIAGRAL on our store as well as in DIY superstores and at our e-commerce partners.

Alarms designed and manufactured in France
Certified reliability recognised by insurance companies
The highest level of anti-jamming resistance
Unique patented technology
A solution that is 100% independent of the electricity grid and the Internet
Very long autonomy

Our absolute priority is to guarantee the security of your sites and residences. Remote surveillance is the essential complement to guaranteeing the security of your sites and residences. Our APSAD P3-certified remote monitoring centre, based in France, offers the highest level of security and support.

As soon as an event occurs on the protected premises, an alarm is immediately transmitted to our remote monitoring centre, where it is immediately attended to by a qualified operator, guaranteeing optimum security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Every alarm triggered is dealt with in less than 30 seconds by a certified operator, who will analyse the situation and request the intervention of the police or a certified security guard if necessary, without you even having to worry about it. Atral Services offers a range of remote surveillance solutions to suit all needs, for both private individuals and professionals.

30,000 sites remotely monitored in France
30 years' experience
95% satisfaction rate
Priority calls to the police
Immediate removal of doubt in images
Trained and certified agents
On-site intervention and security